The voucher book system is recognised throughout the world as one of the most effective forms of direct response marketing , and is quantifiable advertising at its best.


Measure Your Campaign unlike newspaper or magazine advertising, the Gibraltar Voucher Book gives you media exposure that is measurable. Advertising with the Gibraltar Voucher Book allows you to try different discount schemes throughout the year. You can test which discount offer works best – does a discount bring you more business that a two for one deal? You can measure the success of your campaign with the Gibraltar Voucher Book.


Exposure – Advertising in magazines or newspapers is expensive so we want to make sure that you get the most for your money. Your advertisement  in the Gibraltar Voucher Book gets a full two months exposure.

Our voucher books will be available from outlets all over Gibraltar plus we will be handing them out – targeting the tourists arriving daily from cruise ships and coach tours.

Consumers Want to Buy! Visitors and locals alike recognise the value of discount coupons – no one likes to miss a bargain! Existing customers will use your discount vouchers to visit you more frequently and potentially spend more. Whereas new customers will use your discount vouchers to try out your services for less. When a consumer picks up a Gibraltar Voucher Book they already know what to expect. They know that there is no editorial, no articles or TV listings. Only discount bargains!

They are looking for money saving opportunities. This means that they are already predisposed to using discount vouchers, they are already in the ‘buying’ frame of mind. If they open and start browsing the Gibraltar Voucher Book they are purely looking to see which discount voucher they can use.

The Full Package including Social Media Each month, professionally produced, full colour, perforated books will be printed and distributed via prime locations throughout Gibraltar to ensure maximum coverage Through our optimised web site, your advertisements will be promoted via facebook and twitter AT NO EXTRA CHARGE!

All vouchers can also be reprinted via

Getting Started:

It couldn’t be easier. If you have your advertisement ready, just forward it to us for inclusion. Alternatively, we will design the ad for you. all we need is your logo, business details and of course, your offer! We will do the rest.

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